Christmas Presents Designers Actually Want

Yes, we’ve used the word ‘actually’ in our blog title – but we have confidence in our gift choices! Everybody is busy at this time of year, so we’ve made sure that all of the below gifts can be purchased online, and delivered to you in time for Christmas. And not a Pantone mug in sight…

Manuals 1 from Unit Editions

For most, a heavy book full of 1960’s – 80’s graphic manuals might not be the most anticipated gift in the world… but Manuals 1 has been issued for a second print run of just 400 books. This would be a coveted gift for any designer who really loves a stripped back look, beautiful print, and a matching tote bag!

Prints from The Lost Fox

What better Christmas present than a beautiful screen print, which can be framed and treasured forever? You have probably seen The Lost Fox duo at various print fairs around the North, and their prints are very striking. While you’re there, we’d love a Parrot and a Toucan for the office please – thanks.

Lego Flat Iron Building

What designer doesn’t love Lego!? Couple it with an iconic building and you’re on to a winner.

Clothes from Mercht

You know the gift rules - something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read… Well, here you can tick off the ‘wear’ box while supporting artists and Leeds-based company Mercht. They print limited runs of bespoke designs onto almost anything you want – so if the designer in your life has unique taste, this should solve your problems.

A ticket to OFFSET Dublin

We went to Sheffield OFFSET earlier this year and it was hands-down the best design event we’ve been to. There’s still time to grab an Early Bird ticket for the Dublin design festival, and it would be a wonderful gift for a designer who just loves to keep learning and being inspired. Sure, they might have to sort their own travel – but there are flights from Leeds to Dublin for a tenner!

Amaziograph for iPad Pro

Those of you who follow Seb Lester on Instagram have probably been as mesmerised as we have with his doodlings on this iPad app – basically a digital Spirograph. 79p ain’t bad for hours of entertainment (but don’t forget, you may also need to buy the iPad)!

Little Book of Typographic Ornaments

A bit different to your usual typography books, this stocking filler is full of intricate ornaments sourced from type specimens as far back as 1700. Anybody who’s really into their type will love this little book, for reference and for inspiration. Get it from Fred Aldous in Leeds or Manchester!

PDU Stencil from Colophon Foundry

This little gadget was designed by Brighton-based Colophon Foundry and is the basis of their font PDU - using this stencil, you can create any glyph within the typeface – and make up some of your own.

Wall Grid

Designers love grids - fact.

Linocut Workshop at Leeds College of Art

It’s nice to have something to look forward to when the festivities have died down, so why not book your designer friend on to a print workshop at Leeds College of Art? The facilities and professionalism of the courses make them great value – have a look at the site for more single-day workshops or short courses.

Think this list is missing something? Let us know what's on your wishlist by tweeting us at @craft_agency.