Multiplicity Leeds

Last Thursday we took up a short trip up the road to Lamberts Yard for the Multiplicity Leeds event. Hosted by Foilco and sponsored by Fedrigoni, we were promised talks and an insight into three great design agencies – a promise they delivered on. It’s not often we see creative events in Leeds like this!

Up first - homegrown, independent design studio Passport opened the night with a run through of their humble (graduate) beginnings. Fresh from uni in 2012, Jonathan Finch and Rosalind Stoughton started Passport - with no client base, no agency experience and their first client paying £50 for their services, they have built up Passport’s reputation through project research, clever experimentation and crafted design. 

In the words of Rosalind herself, “we’ve worked our arses off” – and it shows. Passport’s portfolio of work is beautiful, fresh and perfectly thought out.

Stories brand by Passport

Following Passport, Tim Williams stepped up for Design Studio - creators of brands like Airbnb and Deliveroo. Still relatively young, Design Studio opened its doors in 2009, fast becoming one of the go-to agencies for branding and design. Applying creative and critical thinking to each project they take on, Design Studio bring brands to life.

The focus of Tim’s talk, the rebranding of the Premier League, one of their biggest projects to date. “Giving the Premier League the voice to talk about their story”, a story that had become lost, and out-dated. Starting with the logo, through to the typography (working with Toshi Omagari from Monotype) and rejuvenating the colour scheme, Design Studio managed to simplify, yet evolve this whole brand. The work that went into this project was monumental and very impressive!

Premier League rebrand by Design Studio

Wrapping up Multiplicity Leeds was Tim Beard, one of the (three) founders of Bibliotheque - another independent design studio, founded in 2003. Their expertise lies in brand identity, spatial and digital design. Biblioteque have become an agency known, and widely respected for, its conceptual thinking as well as their meticulous attention to quality and originality.

To keep it structured, Tim highlighted 7 key principles that Biblioteque apply to each project: (1)Re-Write The Brief, (2)Creative Thinking, (3)Intelligent Creating, (4)Rip It Up And Start Again, (5)Push Too Far, (6)Challenging Convention, (7)Collaboration Makes You Stronger. 

These principles become clear when you see the scope of work they have produced; for example the rebranding of The Hour magazine, the brand creation for Ollo telecoms and their recent work with restaurateur Alan Yau. Beautiful!

The Hour cover by Bibliotheque

Multiplicity topped off a Thursday nicely - three great agencies, three great talks, free beer and a tote bag (naturally...) of beautiful print from Foilco. 

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