10 Questions: Amy Letman

We're excited to be speaking to Amy Letman, Creative Director of Transform Festival, for the latest in our 10 Questions series. This ambitious biennial project brings together a whole host of local & international performance talent to Leeds, pushing our ideas of what theatre could be and how it can be experienced. Amy's role is creative to the core, but also requires a lot of management and organisation. In the midst of planning for the 2019 festival, she took some time out to answer our 10 questions...

What do you do?

I am an independent producer and curator for performing arts projects. The main thing I do is run Transform, which produces bold new theatre and international festivals.

What are you typically doing everyday at 9am?

Slightly embarrassing but I am a bit of a late riser! I’m usually trying to get myself together and out of the house!

What makes your job easier?

Absolute passion for and belief in the work that we do and artists we collaborate with… Also, I get to travel quite a bit, which is amazing.

What makes your job harder?

The political and financial uncertainty we now find ourselves in the UK.

Dream Job Title

The one that I have now is pretty cool!

What is the most overused word in your workday?

‘Awesome’ and ‘Funding’  - usually not at the same time!

What misconceptions do you encounter working in your field?

I think people can still think of the performing arts as arty and elitist and can think that theatre is not for them. We’re absolutely trying to shift the paradigm of what audiences might consider theatre to be.

Any advice for those who want to do what you do?

Know absolutely that it’s the only thing that you could and want to do. It's relentless and challenging – you’ve got to be brave and comfortable with uncertainty.

What’s your career high point?

Our last festival Transform 17, which felt genuinely bold, ambitious and international. And which in challenging circumstances, we managed to pull off beautifully.

What makes your current job different from anything else you’ve done?

I’ve pretty much always been producing performance and events, even when I was at school, so I haven’t really done anything else properly. But I definitely have far more creative autonomy now than in previous roles.

Thanks to The Darkest Corners, RashDash and Transform 17 for letting us use this great cover image!