10 Questions: Tom Almas of Wizu Workspace

With one of the most enviable coworking studio spaces in the city, we caught up Tom Almas - one half of the founders of Wizu Workspace about what it takes to run a successful work space! 

What do you do?

I am the founder of Wizu Workspace and MD. My business partner John and I started Wizu because we wanted to create workspaces that result in exciting collaboration and help businesses to grow. Our goal was to put human factors at the heart of our thinking and create a community platform where our members thrive. We wanted to remove the hassles and headaches of entrepreneurs. We decided to focus on a simple, all inclusive service so businesses can focus on growth. 

What are you typically doing every day at 9am?

I’m usually working on my most important jobs before 7am before the phone starts ringing and distractions start. By 9am its getting the kids to school and heading for a MacDonald’s flat white!

What makes your job easier?

Being surrounded by our lovely happy clients, who make every day easier with a smile and friendly conversation!

Having the right people in our team is crucial. We look for team members who have a certain ‘DNA’ and approach to life. We rely on each other so much that a bad link in the chain is very problematic!!!

What makes your job harder?

Bad tech and bad systems simply because we supply so many technology based services to so many diverse clients. Businesses rely on us for Internet, telephones, presentation facilities, access control …the list goes on. If they’re not rock solid it’s a big problem. We’ve invested a lot in making sure they’re sumo stable and ninja fast and ensuring there’s always a ‘spare wheel’ if something blips.

Dream job title?

Marine Biologist

What is the most overused word in your workday?


What misconceptions do you encounter working in your field?

Probably that serviced workspace is more expensive than conventional leased workspace. If you take a narrow perspective on the price per sq foot alone your missing all the other costs that come long with an office. Things like cabling, furniture, legal costs, cleaning, putting in your own internet, telephones, buying milk, an office manager and so on. The most crucial cost being your time. If you look at a fully serviced workspace it’s a ready-made turnkey solution and no hassle to maintain. Paying only for what they need, when they need it, is a lifeline for our clients and members who want to put their capital into their business, not property.

Any advice for those who want to do what you do?

Don’t expect a normal life and don’t be short-termist

What’s your career high point?

Probably securing the Leeming Building for Wizu when we were nothing and no-one 

What makes your current job different from anything else you’ve ever done?

There’s no where to hide!

Thanks so much to Tom for answering our 10 Questions! Want to find out more about Wizu or how you can get involved, then take a look at the Wizu Workspace site!