All Day Hey! Conference 2017

A few months back, [lets say seven to be precise] if someone had said "front-end development" to me, I’d have looked back at them with a blank expression on my face.

“What does this all mean?”

It’s easy enough to Google the terms, the definitions of the things you [me] don’t understand about front-end development - but what really helped was an accessible event - one that’s open to all levels of expertise and knowledge - somewhere that just allows conversation, debate and a lot more insight.

Monday, I spent the day at  All Day Hey! Conference - “an affordable full-day conference for designers & front-end developers” - six experts from the tech industry talking all things front-end development. A great day was had by all, and a lot of the tech lingo that can sometimes be a little lost on me (being from a design background) started to make a lot more sense. 

All Day Hey! consisted of six speakers and a lightning round of talks, all masterfully and hilariously MC'd by Phil Hawksworth - Technical Director at R/GA. A personal highlight for me was Ruth John's talk - a natural, funny and engaging speaker - whose work in web audio visualisation was really interesting.

Events like All Day Hey! make for a great day - I’d highly recommend keeping your eyes open for similar events - whether you're a designer, developer or someone who just wants to learn a bit more about the industry we work in!

Thank you Hey! - a brilliant addition to the Leeds' tech scene - hopefully to return in 2018! 

P.S. If you’re keen to attend similar events, this week is Leeds Digital Festival [so check that out] and we also post a monthly design and digital events blog which might be worth keeping your eye on.


*Photographs courtesy of Leeds International Festival