Glug Leeds Global Creative Gathering

Glug Leeds offered up another treat - a whole day of inspiring talks followed by quick fire presentations in the evening round, all set nicely in Duke Studios which never fails to disappoint. 

If for any reason you’re not aware of Glug, or what they’re aiming to do - listen up! Glug is based around a series of talks and networking - but not the networking we’re used to - casual, informal networking is what this is all about. With talks around thirteen cities in the world is has become a recognised, credible creative movement. 

This time round, evening talks brought us GlugBerlin, UnitedByDesign and Mr Bingo, as well as global call in’s from LA from Bee Horton of Mill Channel.

Another great event from Glug - creative, inspiring, informative, mixed with a relaxed atmosphere, what more could you want?

Looking forward to the next! 



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Photography courtesy of Glug Leeds.