Top Creative Subscriptions

Much as we all love to seek out inspiration, sometimes it’s nice to have something fascinating just fall into your lap. This is where subscriptions come in – be it regular emails, or beautifully printed publications. We sought out the most valuable, worthwhile and inspirational subscriptions going, just for you.

For your eyes

Unless you want to build your own glow in the dark dinosaur in just 130 issues for £6.99, the best magazines to subscribe to can be hard to find. Despite the ever-debatable ‘death of print’, long gone are the days where your only choices are Creative Review or Eye magazine. For the best selection of perfect, perusable publications in Leeds, head to Colours May Vary, or Village. You’ll find everything from Dirty Furniture 'a toilet-based quarterly', to Riposte 'a smart magazine for women', and publications with names as fantastic as 'Turps Banana!'

For your ears

Those of you who I speak to often will probably know about my obsession with podcasts – perfect for the commute, you can dedicate your brain space to learning, fascinating anecdotes, or considering another way of looking at the world.

Be sure to check out Debbie Millman's Design Matters - personal favourites are the annually recurring catch ups with Steven Heller (author of Typography Sketchbooks). Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History is highly addictive too - the episode "Hallelujah" is an interesting exploration into the creative process and what it means to be a 'genius'! There's more suggestions over on our 'Design For You Ears' blog too.

For your inbox

We all hate a full inbox, I know - but some regular emails out there are worth a seat at the table. For consumer trends and insights on worldwide markets, 'Stylus' is your best bet – it costs, but it could be a valued asset for your agency. Sketchplanations offers light hearted, hand drawn comics in your inbox, to make you laugh or make you think. For seasoned digital creatives among you, or those who are simply curious, the siteInspire mailing list is not to be missed for a weekly dose of inspiration.

Closer to home, we would recommend signing up to the Hey! newsletter, which is a weekly insight into the way relevant industry leaders do their thing.

For your letterbox

Subscription boxes are all the rage, and luckily the creative community hasn’t been left out – 'Art & Parcel' have a reasonable monthly box delivery which contains the latest art supplies to inspire you and get you creative!

If you’re a total stationery freak who loves new papers and cards, you should join the Happy Paper Club – beautiful paper sets delivered to you each month, this will certainly encourage you to write more.

Have we missed any off? What do you look forward to for inspiration each week? Please let us know what you think are worthwhile subscription services for the creative community of Leeds!