What's a Portfolio Lab?

What’s a Craft Portfolio Lab?

Our Portfolio Labs are an opportunity to have your portfolio reviewed and discussed in great detail, to make sure it’s hitting the mark and showing your work in its best light. Each Portfolio Lab event offers time slots throughout the day, where we will dedicate a full hour to your portfolio. The format is a one-to-one meeting, where you can ask specific questions, or practice presenting your work.

The Labs will take place in spaces which are central and private; and they will move about throughout the year.

Who are Portfolio Labs for?

The Craft Portfolio Labs are suitable for those interested in the sort of roles we recruit for – Designers, Design Directors, Artworkers and Copywriters. Whatever your craft, everybody needs a platform in which to show off their skills and experience. We will be able to offer advice on crafting your book – whether you favour a portfolio website, a printed deck, or a PDF.

Who will be there?

The Craft team will be on hand to offer advice – we will make sure your meeting is with our most suited consultant, depending on your skill set and whether you’re more interested in a new permanent role or freelancing. We will also be inviting leading creatives to review portfolios with us – in our first month, we will be joined by Chris Jackson and Andy Lodge, Directors of Common Room, Richard Bassett of Studio Mono and Stephen Woowat from Something More.

Also, we want you to be there! If you’re interested in booking a Lab session, we have a few time slots left for Thursday - simply get in touch right here.